Sunday, 13 September 2015

IDDA Extending Grasshopper Certificate

The Pavilion: Concepts

All of my pavilion designs focus on transporting pedestrians through walking. This is a result of the 'Travel to Work' data that I researched for our previous assignment where most people who live in this area walk to work. Therefore enhancing the walking experience in Woolloomooloo would benefit the greater walking population.


My 'Emergence' pavilion design uses a canopy design that arches over a pathway, this provides both shelter and an outdoor area depending on the weather. On the sides of the pathway there is a cover area which can be used for multiple things such as sleeping area for homeless people as well as storing items that need protection from weather.


My design was inspired from the process of cell division, where each shaded area represents a cell and the pipes in between represents the division of areas. I put little shading in the middle of the pavilion so it would create a desire line for people to walk through as well as let in some natural sunlight.

Terminal Line

Morphogenesis/Mobility: Variations
The primary purpose of this design was for people to be able to have an experience while walking through a grand pavilion as well as conveniently getting them to high traffic areas such as the bar and the pathway onto Dowling St. The body of the pavilion is waffled, allowing certain planes to be extruded and used as utility areas as shown in one of the renders. The weaving pathway through the 
 rigid structure conveyed a sense of contrast as well as metaphorically representing a train passing through different stations.

The Pavilion: Final Renders

Emergence: UE4 Environment
Emergence: Variations
Morphogenesis/Mobility: UE4 Environment
Morphogenesis/Mobility: Variations
Terminal Line: UE4 Environment
Terminal Line: Variations